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Tribal Block Removal Workshop

Sunday, March 1st, 2020 11am - 6pm

We are destined to succeed. It may not feel that way at times, but this is what is slated for us. We are often unaware of this fact due to previous circumstances from our lives. One of the major energy blocks we all face is blocks from the Tribe. Tribal Blocks stand in front of our bodies and push back at our forward movement and change.


In this workshop, you will learn how to remove the Tribal Blocks, all of them. Tribal Blocks come from our ancestors, biological families, our schools, neighborhoods, churches, workplaces, teams, etc. The Tribal Block is based on our basic survival instincts. They are present today. We no longer need them.


The Tribe does not want to change. It wants all of us to continue as it has always been. The blocks are part of our ancient survival mechanism. If we change the tribe can feel that they will no longer survive. The tribe is not literally in front of you but their thoughts and feelings about what we are doing live on, in front of us.

* More freedom of movement with less effort
* Better ability to KNOW what it is you want and go for it
* Fewer restrictions on every aspect of your life, especially when it involves major changes
* Feeling more comfortable in your skin without the normal anxiousness or discomfort
* The elimination of self-doubt, allowing you to move forward with greater ease and excitement
* Being more in touch with you, your inner self and where you are going in life
* Something you will have for life that enables you to remove the obstacles to your growth and change
* Finally, being able to let go of procrastination, self-doubt, overthinking, what-ifs, all those thoughts, and emotions that keep you stuck

There are 4 Gaia Commands that remove Tribal Blocks. Once you learn these you will have them for life to be used every time you feel the tribe pushing back at you. You can also bring this into your practice, family and/or friends.

Removing Tribal Blocks creates a huge difference in how we feel and function. Those places in your life, where you feel stuck, can't move forward, are unable to think, your mind gives you reasons why you shouldn't even though you feel you should and/or want to, etc are caused, mostly, by the Tribe Blocking our progress. We are instilled with Gaia Commands and finally able to move into greater aspects of ourselves.

Being able to sense the Tribe, wherever it is inside or outside your body and remove it in quick fashion, no longer having to struggle or figure out what it is that you are doing and how.

You will also learn how to remove Psychological Reversals that hold in place your fear of change and healing. These Psychological Reversals keep us in fight or flight limiting our innate ability to make a change, grow, heal and evolve.

You will leave KNOWING how to do this work on yourself and others. There will be plenty of time to practice on each other so you are proficient before you leave. The goal of all my workshops is to teach you to heal yourself. (*There are times that we all get stuck, not being able to see what we need to heal. Those are the times when it is necessary to work with someone else who is farther on their healing journey than you. Very important! It is also important to do your own work, as much as you can)

Ria Swift has been doing Energy Medicines for 30 years when she used it to heal her 2nd and 3rd cancers. She has been studying, practicing and teaching these skills since 1987. Her desire is to give people the necessary tools to heal themselves. You can contact her for private sessions, lectures, and workshops at | | 484.767.4890

Your host is Maria Aviles a student and practitioner. Maria is a gifted healer gaining skills and expertise to encourage her clients to reach for more. You can reach her @ | | 201.838.5653.

Bring a snack and water/beverage/coffee/tea; whatever you want to drink. We will take little breaks for the brain to recharge itself. Bring a BLANKET to wrap yourself in. We want you to be nice and cozy and comfy. Not because it's cold, but for a sense of security to wrap yourself in. You'll also need a notebook to record some directions.

Will be given address once registration is made. Good idea to get it in ASAP. Limited space for maximum effect.

FEE: $150
Reservations are necessary and must be made before the workshop.
Reservations are $50 and can be paid to VENMO @Ria Swift @Swift-Healing. Paypal Check to Ria Swift, 403 E. 10th St., Northampton, PA 18067. Cash, Venmo or Zelle to Maria Aviles @whitefeatherhealing.

"Not that I was skeptical, but I'm blown away at how powerful just one session was for me. I feel emotionally and literally physically improved. A VAST improvement and that is important when one of my issues was depression. Ria Swift is very compassionate, as well as professional which is a great mix to have when dealing with such an unusual methodology. I feel that Ria is the "real deal." Highly recommended for you to give it a try. Even to experience it once, and you will be impressed. I promise."
-Angela Schnaubelt
Inspired Cancer survivor


Reiki/CBD Event

Saturday, November 16th, 2019 12 pm

Ria Swift is coming from PA to talk about the wonderful line of CBD Oil products Leaf Relief. We will also have custom jewelry, crystals, and essential oil blends infused with Reiki and many other gift ideas to start or end your holiday shopping. Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot. To RSVP call or text 201.838.5653

Evento de Reiki y Productos de CBD

Sábado 16 de Noviembre, 2019 12 pm

Ria Swift viene desde Pensilvania para hablarnos sobre una increíble línea de productos a base de aceite de CBD llamada Leaf Relief. También vamos a tener joyas, cristales y mezclas de aceites esenciales con energía sanadora de Reiki y muchos productos más para empezar o terminar las compras navideñas. Espacio es limitado así que reserve su puesto hoy.

Para reservaciones llamar o mandar texto al 201.838.5653

Group Picture

A.R.E. of NY Picnic in Central Park

Saturday, September 21st 2019

Maria Aviles was invited by the Association for Research and Enlightenment of New York Edgar Cayce Community to attend their yearly picnic in Central Park in commemoration of the International Day of Peace to be one of the healers. There Maria gave Energy for Life sessions to the A.R.E. community. 

Picnic en el Parque Central de A.R.E. de NY

Sabado 21 de septiembre 2019

Maria Aviles fue invitada por la Asociación de Investigación e Iluminación de la Comunidad de Edgar Cayce en Nueva York para formar parte de su evento anual en el Parque Central para conmemorar el Día Internacional de la Paz donde ella ofreció sesiones de Energía Para Vivir a los miembros de esa comunidad.

Group Discussion

Energy Healing Benefits

Friday, August 16th, 2019 7pm
Peak Performing Arts Center
734 Grand Avenue
Studio K
Ridgefield, NJ 07657

Learn the importance of our energy, why we need to protect it, take care of it and heal it. Why so many things that go wrong in our lives are determined by our energy. How it affects our decisions, the environment and people around us, and even our health.

Beneficios de La Sanación Energética

Viernes 16 de Agosto, 2019 7pm

Aprenda la importancia de nuestra energía. El por qué necesitamos protegerla, cuidarla y sanarla. Aprenda el por qué muchas cosas que nos ocurren en nuestra vida están relacionadas con nuestra energía. Como afecta nuestras decisiones, nuestro ambiente y las personas a nuestro alrededor, y hasta nuestra salud. 

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