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"Reiki promotes physical health, emotional balance, and mental clarity. This is done by reducing stress, which allows for relaxation and restoration of the body, mind and spirit."

Pat Parente

Reiki promueve la salud física, el balance emocional, y la claridad mental. Esto se logra reduciendo el estrés, lo que promueve la relajación y el restablecimiento del cuerpo, la mente y el espíritu.

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White Feather Reiki is partnering with Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op

Mountain Lakes Organic Co-op is donating free boxes of fresh organic fruits and vegetables to people or families financially affected by Covid19 and struggling to bring food to their tables. MLOC is working with organizations and/or directly with those affected to make these donations available.  

We, White Feather Reiki, are assisting in this effort by reaching out to organizations, looking for communities affected, and collecting donations. If you know an organization or someone that might benefit from such donations or would like to donate, please contact us. 

Each box contains 4-6 different fruits and vegetables and it is worth $25. Any donation is highly appreciated. For details please contact us, White Feather Reiki at 201.838.5653 or contact MLOC at

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One Newark Street

Suite 23A

Hoboken, NJ 07030


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